Work in progress

Reading and writing:

Independent reading with her choice of books

Read Aloud with her choice of books

Keri Smith’s How To Be An Explorer of the World

Brave Writer Lifestyle (including poetry, Shakespeare, films, nature study,  copywork, and language games) and Faltering Ownership 


Youcubed, math + growth mindset resources

Process Skills in Problem Solving

????? (still looking for spine curric.)

Math games


Science class from our local nature center

Computer Science Discoveries

DIY Maker lessons from Make zine and for Raspberry Pi and 3d printing

Social Studies:

Prehistory and Ancient History study cobbled together (below are some of the resources we will use):

World History for Us All

Joy Hakim’s Story of Science


Big History

Understanding Evolution website

Music videos from Youtube channel, History Teachers

Ancient Science: 40 Time-Traveling, World-Exploring, History-Making Activities for Kids

Can You Count in Greek?: Exploring Ancient Number Systems 

Time-Travel Math: An Advanced Geometry Adventure for Grades 4-5 

Field Trips (surprised to find several sites that are relevant, even though we are in Bible Belt, USA)


She is choosing the direction in this


Drawing lessons from the kid

Trying our hand at using new materials and methods

Field trips to art exhibits, pottery painting store, classes from local art studio


Girl Scouts

Theater class

Manga/anime club (the girl is starting it herself)

Swimming classes

Adventuring field trips (climbing, kayaking, etc.)

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