her favorite person in history…

November 28, 2014

One of the many ways we have added Minecraft to our homeschool this year was through building a museum exhibit about a historical figure. Bug chose to learn about Abraham Lincoln who she says is her favorite person in history.

The way we went about the Lincoln study was exploring questions she had and resources that I found, which I thought she would enjoy. I really had to reel myself back because history is my favorite, and I didn’t want to overwhelm her.

The first thing she wanted to learn about was his hat. We found specs on the size of hat and made a paper replica. We also checked out the real thing thanks to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library’s interactive and engaging website that shares primary sources related to him. For all the primary sources we look at we go into greater depth by analyzing them (a great resource if you are interested in trying this is the Primary Source Analysis Tool from the Library of Congress).We also read Abe Lincoln’s Hat by Martha Brenner.

We also found out how tall Lincoln was and made a life-size drawing of him.

lily and lincoln

Another aspect we explored was photographs of Lincoln. We looked at several of photographs from the Library of Congress. (We also followed a bunny-trail to learn about the daguerreotype process.)

Most recently we delved into the childhood of Lincoln. We started by reading Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln by St. George, Judith; it helped us to connect to the story of his childhood, which was heartbreaking and inspiring. We also did several other activities related to his childhood, including playing a game about pioneer survival, making a  lifestyle comparison, analyzing and discussing the ax in relation to his childhood chores, and making a batch of pumpkin butter to represent a food he may have eaten.

Miss Lily decided that was enough for her so she set to work creating her exhibit.

Abe ExhibitAbe Exhibit

She included a statue of Lincoln and model of his hat. The hat is large enough to walk inside of and shows how he kept important papers in it. This is the first time I have had her do a culminating project like this, and it is a great first try.  While her grammar and spelling are not strong, which I could see in her labels and books that she made with the exhibit, this format gave her a chance to also work in something she excels at, building in Minecraft.



In January we will embark on a study of fashion history combined with clothing and accessory crafting for us and Lily’s American Girl knock-off. I might even whip up some patterns to share for the latter.





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