a day in the little school in the woods…

May 4, 2014

This year is such a stark contrast from the previous, and I really want to do a better job of sharing what we do on here. I updated the 2013-2014 page with what we have actually done for the most part so far. Here is a look at a day when we are at home together. These days seem rare what with Girl Scouts, soccer, and co-op fun.

I typically get up around 7, do my daily information gathering, etc. I also take this time to write her to-do list on the whiteboard and finish any preparations that I need to make for the day.

Bug gets up around 9 and usually fixes herself breakfast. I have found that she works best in the morning so we get to work right away. She chooses what she wants to do from her list. She usually chooses games first. She has complete choice with this so it could really be anything. We have games like Rat-a-tat Cat, Math Dice, Jr., Cranium’s Cadoo, and Monopoly, but she is just as likely to make up a game.


One of my least favorites, but she can talk me into if she agrees to be the banker.

Other favorite things on the list is anything to do with science or Minecraft. Currently for science she is taking a Minecraft astronomy class. I have added a few hands on activities, related interactives and readings, and notebook pages to add to the class content offered. After gathering the info she needs she works on a model assigned to make on the class server, such as the surface of the moon.

moon surface

The surface of the moon that she built in Minecraft.

We are also doing a garden project. We had been working on different activities to learn about gardening, but now that spring is here we are starting to get to work on our garden. She started seeds for her garden bed a few weeks ago–cantaloupe, cucumber, and marigolds.

Lily's garden plan

Her sketch of her garden plan including some cucumbers, cantaloupe, and a bunch of flowers.

Bug is currently reading a Goosebumps book for her independent reading. After she reads I have her draw and narrate about something from the day’s reading.

Cuckoo Clock of Doom

She loves spooky things so I wasn’t surprised when she choose this for independent reading.

Handwriting had been something that caused much gnashing of teeth, but I found a copywork book of jokes, which she loves. I enjoy that she gets in some much needed handwriting practice and seeing her illustrations for the jokes.

handwriting practice

I love her sweet little brains.

For read aloud this whole year we have been working through the Harry Potter series. We are on book 5. I usually read a chapter, and we talk about the story as I read. Each time we finish a book we also watch the movie. This all started by reading the first book on vacation over the summer. I had intended to stop after the first one so we could read one book every summer, but I couldn’t say no to her wanting to keep going. These books are her first book love, and I am enjoying see that love grow.

LEGO Harry Potter game

Her owl that delivers messages to me, or rather is hurled at me with a note tied to it.

She was Hermoine for Halloween.

Sporting her Harry Potter related garb.

She named the new cat, Sirius Black, of course.

(Just a few of the ways she shows her love of Harry Potter.)


We also follow the Brave Writer lifestyle where we rotate through nature study, poetry reading, art narration, and film watching. Recently we watched Frankenstein (1931) and Frankenweenie for comparison.

This spring we also started working on Partnership Writing. She is currently working on the personal timeline project; we are working on captions to go with all of pictures she chose.

For math we have finally come to place where she doesn’t complain quite as much. We are using Math Mammoth, and she seems to be doing well with this. I decided earlier in the year to add to this with a kind of BWL for math, which has made things better. We do math-specific projects, games and taking in mathy books and videos.

We are usually finished with all of this by early afternoon.  Afterwards Bug has freetime for the rest of the afternoon and evening. She spends a lot of time playing outside, playing on a Minecraft server or on her own, and watching movies/tv. We eat around 6 pm and she gets to bed a bit after 9.


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