applying the brave writer lifestyle to math

November 20, 2013

Hello. Long time, no see.  Homeschooling here in the big woods has been going well lately. I thought I would share a bit about what we have been doing in math.

I had planned for Lily to work through Grade 2 Math Mammoth, but a thread on inspired me to do more with math this year. Lily is good at math, but it has been one of her least favorite subjects, especially after our experience with online school last year. The Brave Writer Lifestyle consists of activities to create a language-rich lifestyle. Applying the the Brave Writer Lifestyle to math seems like a great way to learn and support a healthier relationship between Lily, me, and math.  

In applying the BWL to math, I have created a routine of various math-y activities. In addition to working on Math Mammoth everyday, we generally do math games 2-3 days a week, read a math-related story at least once a week, and work on a math-related project once a week. Occasionally, we also look at math-related videos. I have also made a point of talking about the math she encounters in her play. And of course, there is always cooking and baking.

Here are some of the ways she has enjoyed learning and playing with math:

Minecraft pocket edition, app

building with LEGO

Math Dice Jr., game

Greg Tang interactive books

Vi Hart, on YouTube

Bedtime Math, daily math problem

Numberphile, on YouTube

Marley’s Math Farm, app

making smoothies

Building a geodesic dome

Building a geodesic dome

Rat-a-tat-cat , game

Reading Alice in Numberland

Setting a goal in soccer and charting her progress


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