starting fresh

August 3, 2013

We started back on the first.

I was a bit anxious about how it would go considering how oppositional and down she was on anything that could be perceived as especially schoolish.  I am happy to report though that she had a really great first day back to the point that upon waking the next day she was excited about embarking on her second day of school.

Those first two days were filled with lots of reading, including Matilda, math dice, the start of a geodesic fort, math placement test, which she did without complaint, science (not surprisingly her first choice of lessons both days), the yearly self- portrait, learning about rough green snakes, and some art talk.


Lily, reading to me


We also went to a park day for the co-op we’ve joined. Lily had kind of a sour attitude on the way there, but once we got there she got right in there with the others kids, ran rampant, climbed things, and generally had a grand old time. When I talked to her afterwards she said she had not looked forward to it because she thought we were going to something where she would have to sit and listen to grown-ups talk to each other, not where she could play with kids.

The way things have gone this so far has certainly lifted my spirits.  Even though I know there where will be bumps along the way, I am looking forward to this year of learning at home.


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