an experiment: sound and satiety

July 13, 2013

I am taking a Coursera class, the Science of Gastronmy. Lily has shown interest in what I am doing so I had her help me do the following experiment. We had to decide which recorded sound matched eating a chip, while we ate the chip. It was a funny experiment because we didn’t choose the chip sound we chose the cracking bones sound–we really like crunchy chips, I guess. Anywho. I was also assigned to conduct the experiment myself with a different food.  I had Lily help and she chose carrots.  You can help us out, too.

  • Take a bite of a raw carrot while playing each sound clip below.
  • Then use the poll to share which sound you felt made biting into the carrot most satisfying.

Sound A

Sound B

Sound C

Sounds revealed

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