quarterly report

July 10, 2013

That is about how often I blog isn’t it.

So far we have spent the summer recovering from last year. She said I was banned from saying the virtual school’s name and that she didn’t want to do anything schoolish at all over the summer. And I have obliged her in this because I would really love for her attitude to turn around.

knuckle wrapper

A caricature of me, perhaps. LOL.

This summer has been playing mermaid at the lake, me reading Harry Potter to her until I am hoarse, a few adventures with friends here and there, and lots of free time at home, doing projects on her own whim as she pleases.

I have slacked off in my planning until very recently–guess I needed the recovery time, too. After reflecting on last year and thinking about how she learns best and our goals for this journey, I have changed gears in a few areas. I am going for more balance between formal and informal learning and trying earnestly to be led by her interest.

So no more unit planning for history, far less worksheets, more time for play, etc. I have updated the 2013-2014 Curriculum page and updated some of my pinterest boards to better reflect my goals.



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