summer on the brain

March 28, 2013

We have spring break this week, which has consisted of being lazy, playing LEGO Harry Potter on the Wii, spending time outside when it is not freezing cold, and spending time with fam and friends. I am relishing all this time away from both of our schooling.

This break marks the end of two of my classes and the halfway point of the other. Her school will be done at the end of May (I will be glad to be going back to a more natural approach to learning–this year I have felt like all we have done is worked to get our 6.5 hours in everyday  and to get the 3.whatever % progress per week she is supposed to have.) With school winding down, I find myself thinking about how I will make next year better. Recently I have also started to have summer on the brain.

I always have a hard time getting out of the house, even to play in our yard, during the summer because it is so dang hot and buggy around here so I am trying to find things that will entice me out. I made a pinboard of Summer fun. Ways to battle the heat and bugs that I have come up with so far: air-conditioned museums, caves, ice cream parlors, water fun, cold drinks, and diy bug spray.

 pinboard 2


Also, I have been trying to find fun things for us to do when we are in the house that will keep us from turning into slugs. I don’t want her to just play the Wii all summer so I ‘ve been trying to think of how we can have fun and turn her attitude about learning around–these days she is pushing and fighting against anything that resembles school or learning. We are going to take the summer to deschool.

Summer fun Pinterest board


I want her to practice math, reading, and writing so I have been trying to think of ways to make them fun and seem like less of a chore. For math I think all we are going to do is play games. For reading, we have plans to read the first Harry Potter since she loves the games so; otherwise I am going to have her do the summer reading challenge through the library and let her pick her own books. Some writing ideas are to work on a journal together of our summer adventures, make a zine, and make her own board game(s). Otherwise, I am trying to find her hands-on projects she can work on since she is a maker at heart. I like having ideas on hand but I may just end up letting her loose to do her own thing.

 Most of all I am looking forward to spending time with her and making the most of these sweet childhood days.



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