hunting for books

November 21, 2012

Forever on the quest to help Lilybug along her reading journey–to help her feel more confident and improve her skills–I am also forever on the hunt for books on her level for independent reading. I posted a few finds over the summer  but the collection has grown a bit since then.

Independent reading books

I have tried to find books that she will find interesting and that are at her level and a few that will challenge her. Determining if a book is at her level has been difficult, though. The reading levels according to the publishers do not always match up to her level. I finally decided to see if I could find a more standardized system of organizing books by reading level.

The Lexile Framework’s “Find a Book” (fab) tool is helpful for comparing books by reading level. Many of the books we have are not in the Lexile database so I am still on the hunt for a more comprehensive tool, if there is such a thing. In browsing the Lexile website I also saw mention of the five finger rule. To use the five finger rule turn to the middle page of a book, read it, and the number of words  missed determines the fitness of that book to the reader–1 word=easy, 2=just right, 3=challenge, 4=difficult, and 5=too hard. I like this bit of information because we can take it out into the world as we continue to look for appropriate independent reading books.


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