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March 26, 2012

So yeah I think I remember saying something about posting more regularly, being inspired by the time I spent on here with the Toy Cure. Well, more than a month later I am back on here feeling kind of sheepish for having publicly spewed such obviously false optimism and chutzpah.

To be honest, blogging is something I really have to work at. I have never kept a journal and I am likely to abandon any writing projects I start (like the other blog before this, which I deleted, and the notebook of poems I threw in the trash). But more than likely I have other, more pressing things to attend to, like planning out curriculum for Bug or like lately getting shiz together for grad school applications (writing a statement of career goals was exhausting, especially since I felt more compelled to follow grammar rules and have a formal-sounding writing style). Or like most recently, making a report card.

I have decided that I want a break from planning and have a chance to better enjoy just learning with Bug so next school year we are joining our state’s public virtual academy. After reading reviews on the woes and joys of on-line public school, I decided it may be a good match for us. We will see. One of the requirements to enroll is a report card, which is something I never thought to do for her. Luckily though I have kept all of her physical work and a record of what we did everyday in a calendar. For the report I am doing a course of study, a checklist (indicating what mastery she has of state learning standards), and a portfolio assessment (including samples of her work and a candid evaluation of this school year). I am probably doing too much work but I would rather have it all covered so I don’t have to fool with it again later.

Even with all the other things going on and not having an inclination for blogging I still want to keep up with this but in a proclaimed-lackadaisical manner, with the occasional update and words on things I am excited about.

Here’s a bit of an update of what we’ve been up to lately.

We finished geography, finally. I think she understands that everyone has the same basic needs but there are diverse ways to meet them and she might be able to point out where she is on the globe, which is good enough for me. We are moving onto learning history, using personal and family hsitory and primary sources.

We are merrily chugging along with RightStart Math and Building Foundations for Scientific Learning. We will finish RS next month so I will do a proper review then–we will move to the next level and keep working at it until the fall when we switch to the public school. BFSU is something that she will be able to grow with for years to come. I recently joined the Yahoo group made as additional support by the author. I would def recommend it to you if you are looking for a comprehensive science study.

We’ve had lots of fun art adventures lately. We are still working through Art for the Very Young, but I decided, since art is her favorite, to do more with it. We went on a docent-led tour at an art center in the big city and she just started a class for home schoolers at a gallery down the road.

Reading is going pretty well these days. I don’t think that the writing lessons included in Teach Your Child To Read are enough so I have been supplementing with writing prompts. I also want to start a grammar program next month. I was dead set on getting First Language Lessons until I noticed this month’s giveaway at Secular Homeschool, March Giveaway from JacKris Publishing. Growing with Grammar has caught my eye. And I am shameless mentioning it on here because I want one for me-self. I want writing to come easy to her so hopefully this will help set her on the path and maybe she will be a better blogger and statement of career goals writer than her dear old mama : )


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