day 7 + some happy news

February 14, 2012


Day 7 is a day to reflect. 

I like the style of decluttering this Toy Cure presented, though it was a challenge to try to break out of the habit of sorting things into categories of store, donate, trash, etc. The idea, instead, is to start the process of separation from possessions, which for me is def needed for the mess that is my house. Overall, I think it went pretty well and hope to continue to hone my organization and decluttering skills.

We moved some things out and now I am ready to get organized. As I complete the projects we do to organize her toys, I’ll try to post them.

All the posting I did this past week has inspired me to make an effort to blog more consistently. I don’t want to post everyday like I almost did this week, but I do want to make an effort to get on here more. I think it will help me to keep records of what we do, help me to reflect more on what we do, and to maybe even be a better writer (I think maybe I should include a warning in the title of the blog for grammarians, etc. to keep out if they don’t want their heads to explode).

On that note, I am going to make a crappy transition to the happy news.

Bug has reached the halfway point in her reading curriculum! Out of “100 easy lessons” she has completed 50 and become a rather fine little reader.

I love when she’s sounding out a word and then when she gets it, she proclaims to all in the house (well, me, the cats, and dog), “I read a new word,” especially when they are words like kiss and hug and kitten. I love it when she reads the day’s story and she comprehends enough to realize it’s a ridiculous little story like when the cow ate the fish.

I am extremely, tremendously glad to experience this with her, and to celebrate we ate cake.

She looks pretty triumphant doesn’t she.


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