days 4 + 5

February 11, 2012

I managed to go a few days without not blogging. But yesterday’s break from blogging is much better than the year long breaks I normally take ; )

Suprisingly, I am still keeping up with this toy cure thing, though. I just hope she doesn’t trash her room again before I finish this project or worse, find the outbox or donation pile before they are taken care of.

Yesterday was all about evaluating the books and media in her collection. Both were overflowing out of their shelves, but I managed to free up some space.

Many of the books that I pulled are too young or are ones we never read. There’s a couple inches on each shelf now. Room for more books : )

With the movies…I am always battling movies from my sister’s collection sneaking into Bug’s. I don’t mind her watching movies but I really don’t want her to watch movies with singing dinosaurs and mermaids and sponges over and over again. I love that she loves movies; I do, too. Ideally, she’d only watch movies that center on the stories of kids and friendship (not teen girls from yore that are eager to marry their prince) and where the characters don’t sing every three minutes. This is how I sorted them. Maybe eventually we will move from tapes to dvdv’s (as she calls them) and put them all in one binder case, but until then there’ll be a shelf in her closet for them.

I checked out the outbox for today’s challenge, clean and repair. I am going to make an ear for the puppet, add the crayon nibs to my craft stuff, see if I can find a bulb for the lantern… off I go.

See you back on here tomorrow. The challenge for then is to empty the outbox.


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