days 2 + 3 of the toy cure. whew, nearlly half-way there.

February 10, 2012

(No pictures because my camera is acting a fool—it keeps automatically zooming in as soon as I turn it on and I didn’t want the extra headache.)

Well, days 2 and 3 of the toy cure were somewhat productive. Day 2 was a continuation of Day 1 and for the third day, the challenge is to focus on arts and crafts materials.

I managed to move more toys to the outbox, mostly stuffies, puzzles, and dolls and their accessories. One doll is in need of a spa day—she got a make-up job which involved nail polish as eye shadow and a sticker tattoo. Also, I am wondering how many babies one five-year old needs so yeah, into the outbox they go. The puzzles I may put into a rotation system. The stuffies I still need to decide on—old favorites will be memorialized (still thinking on this—either as a display or in photograph) or stored—others I will decide on later because that’s the beauty of this challenge. The outbox doesn’t necessarily mean out of the house into the trash, to be donated, etc. but taken out to start the process of separation if need be. I’ve noticed that the issue of separating from some possessions is a large part of the challenge.

Oh, and the first and second days also are to be used to address tub and outside toys. I got rid of most her tub toys a while ago. She just has her rubber ducky, frog, and a shark—a rather motley crew. I didn’t mess with the outside toys because I ran out of steam and they are pretty well contained in a bucket by our backdoor (I usually address these when they start to spill over and did so a few months back). I will probably look at these toys again when we renovate our mudroom this summer.

The arts and crafts junk was a bit overwhelming. Like I said she amassed quite a few supplies over the holiday, which I am glad of because she tears through it pretty quickly, especially since art is a big part of school these days. I found a few things for the trash and a few things for the outbox that will eventually be magically transformed (dried out markers will be used for watercolors and crayon nibs will be turned into gift favors for her birthday that’s a month away). There is still not enough room for everything though, but I hope to address this with a new art table and better organization. This is my favorite idea for a desk and play space—more work space and better use of space than what we have now. The end table that we use is low enough that it gives her no leg room to sit at the table and wastes the space, unless I do like I am doing now and just pile things under it. Anywho.

Tomorrow I will move on to the books and media.


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