winter nature study

February 9, 2012

No Toy Cure post because we’ve had a busy school day. I’ll catch up with that tomorrow while she’s with her dad. I do want to post about what we’ve been up to with our nature study, though.

She hasn’t journaled in a while because I almost always manage to forget to bring her book and pencils along and by the time we are back at the house she’s moved on to other things. Mostly we just go on walks at home and at the park.

winter nature study

If she sees something that interests her we stop to enjoy it and if she has questions we try to remember to look it up at home (I suppose the journal would be helpful here).

Recently we’ve picked back up our study of birds. I found a coloring book from Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology, and every day I have her fill out one sheet using our field guide.

I try to stick to birds she’s recognized on our walks or that I know live in our area. I hope it will help for when we participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count, our first Citizen Scientist project. The GBBC takes place nation-wide, February 17-20–next weekend! We are also going to start going to a local bird club (which just so happens to be meeting next week during the GBBC, fancy that).

For fun, yesterday we made little bird feeders that she put out on our walk today. The birds not only have a tasty treat but also some green yarn to add to their pretty little nests : )

seed flower

hanging her seed flowers


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