day 1: create an outbox and touch every toy

February 7, 2012

Well, this business of the outbox is harder than I thought. The questions to ask when evaluating the toys are–is it played with often, is it age appropriate, is it broken, dirty, or missing piece?

I found a few things that I recognized automatically as outbox toys, a puppet that is missing an ear, a lantern that doesn’t work, a dress-up shoe without a mate, puzzles that are too young for her, doll clothes that don’t fit any of her dolls. For the outbox(es) I am using her old toy boxes–there are three. After I finish the cure I plan to use the same boxes to store toys in a rotation system.

I also found some things for the trash and to donate, which I had done a few weeks ago, too (I try to do so routinely, about 3 or 4 times a year).

Somehow though what I’ve pulled hasn’t made a difference. There are things that I would easily move out of the house but that she would fuss about (mainly the fashion dolls—there was a big jump in the population of fashion dolls with this past holiday season—I could have a whole nuther post about my beef with these dolls). On the other hand, there are things that I can’t seem to send out the door because it is something I want her to play with, it’s a gift from a beloved relative or friend, it’s an heirloom, or it used to be a favorite.

I have to contend with the likes of the sock monkey here. I suppose it is good that this part of the toy cure is stretched over two days because I am going to need it.


2 Responses to “day 1: create an outbox and touch every toy”

  1. Dana Beth Says:

    while I am admittedly TERRIBLE at this (you’ve seen e’s room) I ALSO do a storage bin for “store” which to me is different then “keep” or “donate”.

    I think I have about two total that are filled with the old favorite/heirloom/ etc. Things I would like to pass down to future neices or nephews or things I would think would be something he will still want as an adult.

    Another idea is to turn a beloved piece into art. I bought a showbox and filled it with ell’s old hotwheels cars- i tried to pick ones he REALLY loved or had sentimental value and now it hangs in his bedroom- but i could easily see it in any room in the house. Maybe sock monkey needs to be framed and hung in her room?

  2. amber Says:

    The only things of hers that I’ve stored are clothes that I plan to pass along to friends/familiy and all the toys my sister keeps giving her that were toys of ours (she held onto to quite a bit actually and would kill me if I threw them out). I’ll prob end up storing a few more things but I like your suggestion to make it into art. I remeber when you posted a pic of the cars–such a fun idea!

    I think some of the favorite favorite stuffies I am going to memoralize in a pic like the scene from ET (where he’s hiding from the mom in the closet with the toys) using her ET. I was thinking of doing an I-spy book using her toys so that would be a fun page. But I also like the idea of the shadowbox–I have a pair of her baby shoes in one in my room.

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