February 6, 2012

I am pretty bad at this blogging business so I am going to use my project to fix up Bug’s room to get me back on here on a regular basis and hopefully, get me into the habit of blogging consistently.

When I initially posted about the 7-day Toy Cure, I mentioned that before I set out I wanted to study on how to best organize her space. Well, I’ve done that and procrastinated plenty so finally, here’s the game plan.

I noticed the biggest problem areas in her room are, well, everywhere. I am taking that to mean that my current organization system just ain’t cutting it and that we def need the Toy Cure to edit her collection.

Her room is roughly 11’x10’ and has a double door closet the length of her room (one side of the closet is being used for household storage, though). Her side of closet has her clothes, stuffed animals, movies, and games and puzzles in it. For storage outside of her closet, I have one layer of Itso boxes for toys, a table/cabinet thing she uses for art supplies, an antique school desk that is full of coloring books, a narrow bookshelf, a shelf/table that she uses as a nightstand and for books, and a trunk the width of a queen bed. The furniture is hugging every wall but doesn’t keep anything contained—there are stacks of stuff everywhere.

My vision: I want to try to have the toys, games, and puzzles all in one place (her closet, perhaps). I want to take advantage of the space under her bed (mostly to discourage her style of cleaning, which involves shoving things under the bed) and vertical space. I want to build a better art space and perhaps combine it with desk space, right now she has no space to work at her art table b/c its contents exploded with the addition of Christmas booty, out of the cabinet, onto the table. I want to cut down on the amount of furniture.

I’ve found some ideas through Pinterest that would work great for what I want to do, I just have to muster up and do it. Meanwhile, I am going to attempt the first day of the Toy Cure: Create an outbox and touch every toy. I’ll report back her with the result tomorrow.


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