a sense of place

December 20, 2011

Many moons ago, Bug got her own room. She was very proud to have a space that was her own.  These days the clutter is often out of hand, and with the holiday season underway (especially with the promise of new treats) it doesn’t look like it will get any better.  Enter the 7-day Toy Cure.

With this Toy Cure I hope to not only edit down the number of toys and to find better storage solutions for her belongings but also to get to know her better and engage her in a new way because I want to make her a big part of the process.

Honestly, I have not done a very good job of teaching her to clean up after her self. She loves to help with chores, sweeping, washing dishes, sorting laundry, etc. and jumps at the chance to do so. 

But when it comes time to clean up her toys she has to be told to do so, reminded that she’s already been told three times today, and finally pleaded with to at least help me clean up the mess. And the best either of us usually does after expending so much energy fussing is to put toys away in the general area where they belong or piled on the trunk at the end of her bed.

This does not make for a very inspiring place to have fun, learn, and create (which is what I want her to have especially since our home is her school). All of this has come to the forefront of my mind lately as I evaluate how this year is going and also as I experience her excitement over her new playspace outside (my dad put up a playset for her last week that had been sitting neglected, unassembled for awhile).

Before I take the 7day Toy Cure, though, I want to take the time to watch her play and ask her how she would design a “new” room so I can better judge how to edit down her collection of toys, books, etc. Also, I look forward to finding inspiring spaces and ideas to help us tame the clutter and bring new life to a very dusty corner of our home.


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