united states geography

December 7, 2011

After her introduction to geography, she studied the geography of the United States.

To bring everything together before we set sail further out into the world we did a me-on-the-map activity by making nesting paper boxes (there are instructions on how to make the boxes from Family Fun) with satellite images of the boundaries we live within (starting with Earth down to our town) on each. She wrote the labels on each box. And we pasted a little picture of her in the smallest box.



2 Responses to “united states geography”

  1. Dana Beth Says:

    The man who walked between the towers is ell’s very most favorite book. Have you seen the documentary? SO GOOD!

  2. amber Says:

    she likes it, too. enough so that i worked it into this lesson after we already read it for one earlier this year–we used on sept 11, too. if i ever get around to buying the books we read (we usually get them from the public lib) this one will be added to our little library. and by documentary do you mean man on wire–not yet but i’d like to.

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