geography introduction

December 7, 2011

For L’s lessons of geography I decided we are going to focus more on getting a taste of the world outside our neck of the woods and not a comprehensive study.  I don’t think it is necessarily helpful for her at this age to memorize rote facts, but she should be aware that there is diversity and common themes across the globe.

But before we stepped foot out of our own door, I wanted to make sure she had a foundation that would help her take the most out of our lessons. The first thing we did was the map study awhile back. Then she made a poster of the differences between wants and needs (and I am going to make a point during our study to compare how these are met throughout the world). We also went into focus on how we meet our needs. Some examples of what we did– she made a paper model of our house after we had a discussion on what makes a house and she helped me plan meals for a week. I also introduced physical geography beyond what we discussed in her map study by reading The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth and by making a play dough model of the earth (idea from Meet the Dubiens).


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