what’s going on

November 14, 2011

Today was supposed to be all about learning about the US government and energy and reading and math and washing dishes and doing laundry…

but so far it has turned out to be

pretending to be president, watching Scobby Doo, “ohm”-ing, turning feathers and pipe cleaners and paper chains into many different creations, including a pair of eyeglasses, a duster, and a Christmas ornament, and me pleading with her to at least pick up her toys that are strewn all over the living room and kitchen (and not to mention the bits of colorful paper and feathers that she threw everywhere while saying she was spreading joy).

I have even veered off course and decided to research meditation for kids (lately, she has taken to “meditating,” which consists of sitting cross legged and saying, ohm because that is what the kids on Avatar do) and how to turn the decomposing pumpkins on our porch into a learning experience (I am thinking a lesson in composting)

and of course, to fill you in on all of this.

This has happened quite a bit lately–us not exactly staying on course–and we are much less stressed than when we started out in August. Not to mention, playing games (like, dominoes, go fish with alphabet flashcards, and Candy Land) has become one of our favorite activities.

We will eventually get through all that other stuff, but I won’t begrudge some meandering.


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