October 31, 2011

I’m back after a nice long break and taking time to get us back into the rhythm of school.

Besides carving pumpkins and generally chillaxing, we spent our break working on a fun project from the blog, lilla-a-design–The Robot Exhibition.

L spent quite a bit of time collecting her materials for her robot before she decided to get to work putting it together. My contribution was to make it really roll (I added a third wheel and axel), otherwise, she designed it, from the sweet little purple cap to its rainbow wheels. L named her robot Rover and gave it the power to pour coffee and do karate.

Rover was assembled and photographed in a flurry to make the deadline (because this mama is a terrible procrastinator). So since then I’ve figured out a way to make it sturdier with hot glue (originally it was held together with masking tape).

This morning we got a look at the exhibition over at lilla-a, and it was fun to see the whole bunch of robots. The creativity presented there is inspiring, and we are pretty proud of Rover’s presence in amongst the crew.

Thanks to lill-a for putting this together!


3 Responses to “rover-bot”

  1. amber Says:

    and now she loves robots so much she has to dance like one.

  2. Grayson Gill Says:

    Cant wait to see future post

  3. Great post again! Thanks a lot.

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