outdoor challenge #5

September 17, 2011

Those old days when the balancing of a
yellow butterfly o’er a thistle bloom
Was spiritual food and lodging for the
whole afternoon. ~ James Russell Lowell

This week’s Outdoor Hour Challenge from the Handbook of Nature Study blog is, “Keeping a List.”

After her Growing Up Wild class at the local nature center, I thought it would be a perfect time for nature study. I had all the tools–Handbook of Nature Study, a field guide of birds, her nature journal and pencils, my camera, and my list of birds based on those we see around home and the park–the downy woodpecker, screech owl, hummingbird, cardinal, and turkey. We could sit on the porch at the center and watch the hummingbirds at their feeders.

But then…

Even though I had good intentions and even though I know she is a great observer and loves being outside she was just not having it. She had no interest in studying anything. She wated to go out and play.

After feeling some grief about missing out on nature study this week and thinking that I wouldn’t have anything to blog about ; ) I realized that she is outside nearly everyday. And even if we don’t sit down and talk about her experience every time, I know she is soaking up all kinds of goodness and that it’s also alright to just let her be.


One Response to “outdoor challenge #5”

  1. Freedom to play is a huge part of what I try to encourage with the OHC. I think that you are very wise to all the time to just BE outdoors.

    Thanks for sharing your link with the OHC.

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