my new love

September 17, 2011

I noticed that I  mostly post about nature study and social studies so I thought I would spice things up by sharing a resource I found recently–

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At first I thought it was just good for keeping up with cool books, toys, clothes, etc. but I eventually caught on that I can use it for our home school, too. Not only can I have a visual space for all the hs related bookmarks I’ve collected, but I can contiue to collect relevant articles, etc. by browsing through the boards of other Pinterest users.

I have to admit that I have spent much of my leisure time lately pinning and repinning, but today I made it worthwhile by actually doing one of the projects I pinned.

When we started school back in August Bug was so excited about learning to read, but now I am noticing a lack of enthusiasm when it comes time for reading lessons. We are using Engelmann’s Teach Your Child to Read, which I thought would work well for both of us, but every time we sit down to do it, she groans and I tell her if we just push through it we can move onto something else. This is not the attitude I want either of us to have.

Thankfully she has not lost that gleam in her eye when she picks up a book and she loves writing lessons. To make the reading lessons better I thought we could go beyond the Engelmann book with some hands-on activities. Thanks to Pinterest I found just that. Here is a link to the original post from the Filth Wizard blog. And here is a pic of her very own little set of Lego spellers that I made today (complete with the letters to build her favorite word–rat).


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