“history of me”

August 30, 2011

Today was the last day of her history study with Bring Histoy Home, “History of Me.”  The unit introduces children to the kinds of sources that can be used in history and how they can used, which moves the chidlren’s grasp beyond rote understanding. With “History of Me” she actually did history, which is a concept that I was not exposed to until the university–that history is more than information presented in a textbook, you can study and interpret it, too.

Some examples of sources she looked at include, her birth record, photographs, postcards, toys, food, music, and maps. Each example had hands-on activities and thought provoking questions that helped her to expand her understanding of history. The final activity was my favorite, which was an exhibit of sorts based on a timeline of her life using artifacts and photographs.


Since we did this as part of our homeschool and not a traditional classroom (which is what the curr. was designed for) we had the advantage of using many sources based on her and our family, but she did not get the opprotunity to see other children’s sources. If you use this unit I would suggest using this for a hs co-op or you could even create a community space on-line. (Maybe I should do this?)


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