outdoor hour challenge #3

August 24, 2011

“Too much have we emphasized drawing as an art; it may be an art, if the one who draws is an artist; but if he is not an artist, he still has a right to draw if it pleases him to do so.”~Anna Botsford Comstock, Handbook of Nature StudyThis week’s Outdoor Hour Challenge from the Handbook of Nature Study blog is, “Now is the Time to Draw.”   

This week’s OHC has made me stop to think about the power drawing holds.  L draws everything, and in these drawings I can see her feelings, her attention to detail, her colorful imagination–they show how she takes in her world.

This week our OHC took place while we were away on vacation near a lake nestled in among lush forests and rolling hills. We were in the really big woods.

One morning we went fishing with my dad. Actually, he did most of fishing–I took pictures, and she hunted for shells and rocks.

Becasue of the quietness and beauty of the lake at that early hour, I told L it would be her nature study time and asked her  to take the time to check out her surrondings. While we were each doing our own thing, a great blue heron swept into view and landed nearby.  The moment inspired us both.

I am thankful for our time outdoors–it is a time for us to be still and to really look at, listen to, and feel our surroundings. Not only do I see how she is benefiting from this time–I see it sharpening her sense of observation and self-expression–but I have also had a chance to take in little moments and details that I normally pass by. 





One Response to “outdoor hour challenge #3”

  1. Amazing spider web!!! Wow, I love your thoughts this week for this challenge and the way you are appreciating the little things in your nature study.

    Thanks so much for sharing your images and your thoughts.

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