cultural cookbook

August 19, 2011

Today for her history study she is learning about traditional food. While today we are just going to focus on the traditional recipes of our family, I would like to eventually extend the activity to follow our other social studies lessons–when we study geography and when we study further into history. I think making a cultural cookbook would be a great way to tie it all together and hold onto what she learned this year.  (Btw–the basis for my idea comes from the lesson plan, “Recipes for Tradition” for the exhibit, “Key Ingredients” by the Smithsonian.)

Want to share your recipes?

We’d like ones that have an association with your cultural heritage, where your family’s preparation differs from the way other families make it, because of the context in which the food is served, or because there’s a story or event associated with the dish : ) Besides the actual recipe, be sure to include what makes your recipe traditional, too.


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