kindergarten map study

August 11, 2011

Our first venture into social studies started with one of her favorite things–maps!

The map study went something like this

She did the activites in  EDSITEment, “Mapping our Worlds.”  I added the books Maps and Globes by Jack Knowlton and Mapping a Changing World by Yvette Lapierre . I also added the lesson  Montessori for Everyone, “Longitude and Latitude”(except part of it didn’t make sense so mostly I just told her about the imaginary lines of latitude and longitude and showed them on the globe) and Microsoft, “Making and Reading Maps in the 21st Century”, without their discussion on tradtional versus digital mapping and without the reflection questions (I think they had potential to loose her focus). I really wish that we did not have dial-up internet because she could have done so much more with the latter lesson–mostly we just looked for some of our favorite places and faraway relatives. Also, as a treat and to put maps in action she used a simple map I made to navigate trails in our local park, with the destination being a geocache–so she got to follow a map to real life treasure : )  

Our next study in social studies will be an introduction to history.


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