This is a general look at what Bug did in Kindergarten.  In choosing her curriculum I tried to keep her cognitive level and interests in mind.

Reading and Writing:

Beyond following the mantra, “READ, READ, READ” I taught her to read and to write with the following materials.

Teach Your Child to Read (everyday)

Audiobooks or I read aloud (3-4 times a week)

Book study–started with Little House in the Big Woods, then interest led (once a week)

extra activities–


LeapFrog Read Along, Sing Along

Built words with spiny spellers

Independent reading with  I Can Read Series

Encouraged independent reading with Bookworm Game


I am picky about math and science–little to no twee. From what I read in reviews, product descriptions, and have done so far, these sources looked like they would let have her use her hands and flex that brain.

Right Start Level A (everyday)

extra activities–

games and puzzles (esp ones that explore sorting, pattersn, shapes, logic, etc.)


Building Foundations for Scientific Learning (2-3 times a week)

Growing Up Wild class at local park (once a week)

Nature study using Hanbook of Nature Study and OHC (see “nature study” category in blog for more specifics) (once a week)

extra activities–


Citizen Science Projects

visited Zoo, Children’s museum, etc.

Social Studies:

I cobbled this together out of many sources–relevant JUV library books, lesson plans made by public history institutions. Basically, I started by presenting the vocab and tools (maps, timelines, primary sources, etc) for social studies and  built on this gradually throughout the year. Then we went into geography with a couple of weeks spent on each continent. Then we went into history, mostly how to do history and our personal history. Also, as holidays and other events present themselves she got a mini-lesson on that. (2-3 times a week)

Here are posts about her introduction to social studies–

Map Sudy

History of Me

And here are all the social studies  posts (primarily geography).

Fine Arts:

This was def a mish- mash. (2-3 days a week) 

Art for the Very Young

Come look With Me series

Usborne First Book of Music

Dance class 

extra activites–

read various plays and poetry (interest led or to match up with other lessons)

went to different performances and exhibits (interest led or to match up with other lessons)

ARTSEDGE and other lesson plans (to match up with other lessons)


Soccer (in the fall)

yoga, hiking, sports or active play at home


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