fall projects

December 1, 2010


Before we get to work on winter and holiday crafts I thought I would share her work from this fall.

Except on the fridge the Bug’s artworks have not had a place to be displayed so I made a special spot in her room. I also thought it would be nice to talk more about the seasons so I made it especially for seasonal projects. It’s simple enough to make–two push pins, with string to run between and clips to hang up each piece (basically, an arty clothesline) and taaa daa the Bug has her own little art gallery.

Here is a detail of what was on her fall wall.


1. a spider made of a pipecleaner by her Ma (my mom)

2. pumpkin and pom poms showing off her techno color phase (just about everything she colors now has an array of colors)

3. free art by NanLawson from the feed your soul  project

4. a cut out of L’s hand adorned with feathers, four legs, and a beard–I traced her hand she did the cutting, the pasting, and the drawing

5. acorn cut out that she glued beans to, made in her Growing Up Wild class (a terrific class done by our parks dept.)

6. papel picado–Mexican folk art–that I made at a free night at our local children’s museum celebrating Mexican culture

7. a book she made in Growing Up Wild–after learning about pumpkins they made these–the book was already made, she drew the veins on the cover (and signed her name), used a piece of pumpkin flesh for a stamp on the first page, and then recreated pumpkin guts with yarn and seeds (seems simple enough but still great because it goes a long way in reinforcing what she learned)

8. the leaf print she made

9. another project from Growing Up Wild–the body of the turkey is the outline of her foot, which I traced and she cut and pasted, then she feather painted his feathers (he’s a fun twist on the typical handprint turkey)

Now it is time to get to work on our wintery fun.


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