review: starfall

November 6, 2010

Internet resource review of Starfall‘s ABC practice for kindergarten–

This page provides pre-reading and computer practice for younger children.

 It is a great introduction to using the computer’s mouse–L has an easy time navigating within the page without moving to others since the lay-out brings the kids’ attention to the big bright bold letter buttons (and no distracting advertisements).

Within each letter page, the kids navigate by clicking on the featured letter (it sparkles if they haven’t done so within a few seconds) and arrows to move on to the next screen for the letter. At the end of each letter page, there is a simple game where the kids click once on a letter and drag and drop it into the correct place. All along the way the activities reward successful navigation with simple animations, which also help enforce letter symbol and sound recognition.

Along the bottom row, there are also short video’s with songs and a mix of animation and live-action that reinforce phonemic awareness.

Both the activities and  songs make this page a useful supplement when working on pre-reading skills.


One Response to “review: starfall”

  1. Dana Beth Says:

    Starfall is great! We have been using it with Ell since he was about 10 months old.

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